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Nour, a mother of one

I will never forget your words, and your advice's is with me whenever I want to deal with my daughter, I can hear your voice and advice's all times and in all cases.

you taught me not to compare my daughter with any one, you can't believe how much this advice a ffectus positively, I was very disappointed because I was comparing her with all kids I see, you taught me that each kid is unique and is raised in different environment and we shouldn’t compare.

you made me creative mom, thinking how i can manage each case professionally until i convince her with all I want in smart way, now it is easy to ask her to do anything easily.

the eye contact, the way of talking, to deal with my daughter as someone who understand, and not howI used to do, dealing with her as someone who is still too young to understand what she needs. I didn’t realize that I was hurting my daughter when I was saying things, I didn’t imagine she can feel, you changed my personality to better mom.

now I see everything she does from a positive side, I stopped talking about her and give her bad names:like crying machine...etc.

when she cries this mean she needs something, she is suffering and trying to get my attention not because she is trying to annoy me.

when she doesn’t want to deal with others that because she is careful and smart, she is checking people and places before she starts socializing or playing, not because she has an issue or scared person.

I have learned many things which I can count on, and now I know how to deal with my daughter, I became stronger, understanding mom, rather than disappointed single mom.

my role is much difficult being a mother and father at same time, being single mom, but now I am mature and well equipped to deal strongly with all cases.

Thank you very much for what you have done

no words can express my gratitude, and I believe that you will be so successful as a coach since you have strong influence on others.

Thank you from me and my daughter.

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