stories |Farah, a mother of three.
Farah, a mother of three.

The whole story became different when I became one of Razan's clients. It came by chance, yet it was quite a special one. Many important reasons contributed in making it a successful journey as they call it.

First, the four vital stages a parent goes through with her are very logical and fruitful. They are designed to make the experience reach its goals.

Second, it is all about her. Her personality, charisma and her way of dealing with me as a parent made the coaching a warm intimate one. It was't the kind of a client - coach type of relationship. Remarkably, it was the type of a lost confused mother seeking help from a very good listener, a proficient healer and wise advisor. I told her in one of our sessions once how I'm amused by her capability of providing tips and practical advice to me based on my potentials and my skills. She never asked me to bring along ideas and come up with ways that are not part of my personality. Razan is like the chef who asks the cooks in his kitchen to come with meals based on the ingredients available in their pantries, without pushing them to go hunting for strange and state of the art substances.

At the end, I can only say that you leave this journey with such compassionate coach and a true human being, feeling armed with the suitable skills and ideas in order to continue on your own trip with high confidence that you can do it!


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